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Institute Of Engineering And Technology, DAVV CHAPTER
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Round the year, the student branch keeps conducting seminars on various topics.
Live Learning is now easy. Live workshops on some very important topics.
For fun, Online contests, Quizzes. Seminars and Workshops.
Develop projects under Computer Society Of India. Scholarships to be earned.

The CSI-IET student branch aims at encouraging its budding engineers towards further excellence by enhancing their technical knowledge.Being closely associated with students,the committee also targets to strengthen the managerial skills of students.

This goal is achieved by giving opportunities to its young members organise and manage various events,conferences as well as workshops to enhance their leadership qualities.It basically aspires to build a strong foundation of its member students to ensure them a promising future in today's changing technological environment.

The goal is to impart extra academic knowledge to students. Topics apart from that included in academic syllabus are covered with the help of various events, seminars and workshops. This ensures an overall development of student in technical aspect.